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About Us

As we all are familiar with the present medical system of India, which consists of many bright & dark sides .If you speak about bright side, our Indian Medical System is one of its kind with no boundaries growing day by day and in coming days it could play a vital role in medical technology innovations and better healthcare services, attracting world to its dedicated experienced Doctors and sophisticated medical technology .When these two primitives’ combine then obviously the better diagnosis and healing healthcare line ups.

On the other side is darkness which is bitter but truth which is raising its voice to bring revolution in medical technology for the betterness and completeness .It is open truth which is suffered by almost every citizen of this nation, but still the time has to come to nation to think for betterment of human life on this land.

Everybody is familiar with healthcare mafias, are playing cards with emotions of Indians (India is a land of emotions) for their establishments’ and creating their own world to decide the faith of illness or wellness…


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We are conducting various events like Seminars, Free Medical Camps associating with health care Institutes and Hospitals. Our Motto is to bring awareness among the society about the advantages of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and its functionalities which works as a diagnostic tool to doctors.
Cure6 - Live a Healthy Life

Cure6 - Live a Healthy Life

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Physio Therapy
Cure6 provide experienced physiotherapists across Telangana who can help you heal at home. They access, diagnose and develop a treatment plan as per patient...
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Diagnostic Services
Cure6 facilitates the door step sample collection and delivers medicines right to your place. Heavy traffic, lack of parking, monsoons, shop closed, forgetfu...
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How to save an life in Emergency?

Useful video featuring the Health Sketch of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
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Cure6 - Live a Healthy Life

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Cure6 - Live A Healthy Life
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